1993: Mr. Tang Dien Quang, founder of Dong Quang Knitwears Limited, which was the first company of Dong Quang Company, to manufacture and supply high quality yarn for Vietnam market.

2006: Vietnam was enlisted in the WTO in 2006. As opportunity presented itself, Dong Quang  Company seized the next milestone for growth. With 14 years of experience in building and developing high quality yarn products, Dong Quang Company decided to open the second company, known as Dong Quang Spinning Corporation located at Hai Son Industry Park in Long An Province. With the opening of the second company, an additional 50,000 spindles were added. By the end of 2006, Dong Quang Company had a total asset of 150,000 spindles to further expand its exporting market share.

2008: Dong Quang Spinning Corporation continued its growth and expansion to acquire an additional 170,000 spindles. With this acquisition, Dong Quang Company had a total asset of 320,000 spindles with 6 open-end machines. 2008 was a memorable year for Dong Quang as it was nominated to be one of the top 500 biggest companies in Vietnam along with the title of number two in Vietnam Spinning Industry.

2010: Success continued for Dong Quang and on March 18, 2010, Dong Quang Yarn Inc, the third plant of Dong Quang Company, was opened in Long An. Within the same year, Dong Quang received recognition as a top quality yarn producer in Vietnam and became ISO 9001:2008 certified.

2011: Dong Quang Yarn Inc, the third plant of Dong Quang Company, grew to 50,000 spindles which increased Dong Quang’s overall capacity to 370,000 spindles to produce 40,000 tons of various high quality yarn per year. Even though the world economy was in a recession, Dong Quang continued to push forward its mission to balance quality and quantity. To further invest in its employees, training sessions were initiated for workers to enhance their production skills and to acquire knowledge of safety protocols.

2012: Understanding the importance of its employees, Dong Quang Company made further investments to improve the standard of living and welfare benefits for its workers. A dormitory was built to accommodate 2,000 workers and a kinder garden/elementary school was created to educate approximately 400 workers’ children.

2013: 2013 was a special and remarkable year for Dong Quang as it celebrated its 20th anniversary. Dong Quang  Company currently has three companies, Dong Quang Knitwears Limited, Dong Quang Spinning Corp., and Dong Quang Yarn Inc., and continues to be one of the top five players in the Vietnam Spinning Industry to supply the utmost high quality yarn products to the market.

2014: To date, Dong Quang Company had a total asset of 500,000 spindles, 20 open end machines and 136 TFO machines to supply approximately 80,000 tons of high quality yarn per annum.

We are dedicated to our slogan, “The best quality for the solid prestige.” Our commitment is to deliver to our customers a variety of high quality yarn. We are proud to be one of the top five players in the Vietnam Spinning Industry, and this continues to be our mission.